Axon Synapse SFR04 Dual AES/EBU Backup switcher (gebruikt)

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Axon SYnapse SFR04 Modular Media System

1x 2AI48 Card (Dual AES/EBU backup switcher with integrity checking)

1x BPL 05D connetor pannel

2AI48 card:


The 2AI48 is a dual AES/EBU back-up switcher. It contains 2 completely individual paths with main and backup inputs. The unit can be triggered by our ACP control protocol or automatically by several input triggers. These triggers are loss of input, audio silence, clipping and crc errors.

2x1 or 2x2 function

Automatic backup triggerd by:

  1. -Loss of input (carrier detect)
  2. -Silence with threshold and time adjustment
  3. -Audio Clip with time adjustment
  4. -CRC errors

 AES/EBU inputs with optional SRC (32 to 192kHz sampling)

 48kHz sample clock locked to: B&B ref or word clock ref.

 48kHz sample clock in free running mode  Available with 110 Ohms (phoenix or sub-D) or 75 Ohms (BNC) AES/EBU in- and outputs

 Adjustable audio gain (in 0.25dB) and phase (0-180 deg)  Adjustable audio delay offset up to 1300ms in 1ms increments

 Locks to Bi-level sync or word clock

 Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)