PROFLINE RDY Digital Rds Encoder (gebruikt)

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RDY RDS/RBDS Generator Encoding System

This product has reached end of life and is no longer available. Please contact us for a suitable replacement.

International Datacasting RDY RDS/RBDS Generator Encoder provides uncompromised digital processing of RDS data. The IDC RDY RDS/RBDS Generator offers a state of the art digital broadcast quality RDS encoder according to the EN50067/62106 standard.

Advanced Networking

The RDS databank and management software completes the RDY system offering an advanced but easy to maintain RDS network. The RDS databank and management software can be adapted to the broadcasters need.

Advanced Capabilities

This combination of high-end technology and advanced functionality makes the RDY RDS Generator the perfect companion for professional broadcasters. All of IDC’s long and extensive experience in broadcast and cable headend networks was utilized for the development of the RDY and resulted in a full digital RDS encoder based on the latest 32 bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

Comprehensive Protocols

The RDY RDS Generator has a full implementation of the UECP Version 7.05 protocol and is accessible over one of the serial RS-232 ports on the rear side, a serial RS-232 port on the front side or over an optional IP port. It also offers front side control by keypad and display. The onboard memory preserves the RDS settings even after a signal and/or power loss. Database and Management The optional available RDS databank and management software offers full remote control of the RDY RDS Generator over an UECP and/or IP connection.

Software Management System

The advanced database software is capable of managing all RDS parameters like EON, MEC access rights, TDC, ODA Buffers, Configuration and many more. As every broadcasters has it’s specific demands the RDS database and management software can be offered tailor made.